Las Terrenas: A Beauty by the Sea

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Things have changed

Imagine a place that, in 1975, didn’t have a drivable road to it. No grocery stores, no gasoline stations, no electricity, no telephones, none of the indications that the town was a part of the modern world.

Today, Las Terrenas has a new highway to it between Santo Domingo and Santa Bárbara de Samaná, nearby. Also the nearby, Samaná El Catey International Airport welcomes flights from Europe and Canada. In March 2012, the town received a brand new fiber optic Internet/TV/telephone system. A new aqueduct delivers fresh water to the town.

Las Terrenas has a population of about 39,000 people and is located about 15km from the ocean. The locals are often farmers, fishermen, and work in the hospitality industry. As the economy has migrated from the agrarian culture to a tourism culture, many of the old fisherman’s shack have been converted to restaurants and cafes.

The beauty of Las Terrenas

Located on a peninsula off of the Dominican Republic, Las Terrenas is everything that a Caribbean town can be expected to be, except expensive. Only 15 kilometers from the pristine beaches, this is a place where cultures mix to create wonderful home.

Brightly colored homes are the residences of young Bohemians, growing families, established businesspeople, and retirees. The cost of living, the inexpensive housing, and the amazing natural environment make it an ideal place to buy a house. In Las Terrenas, the modern world is only in as far as you need it to be really enjoy it, but not so much that you will be forced to deal with the stresses.

One of the best parts of Las Terrenas, which sets it apart from many other towns and towns in the Caribbean, is that there is not a huge resort industry here. It’s still a small town that is taking its time growing, instead of being a small town burdened with massive resorts.

Located in the province of Samaná, the area is well known as a wonderful, safe, and nearly pristine natural environment to live in. White sand beaches, mountain trails, and crystal clear waters make this a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean without the bustle of large resort towns.

The largest industry in the city is tourism. There are restaurants and bars, local shops and hotels, and even shopping centers such as “Puerto Plaza las Terrenas.”

The economy of the Dominican Republic

Although the nation had been in economic stagnation through most of the 1980’s, the economy has been steadily growing since the 1990’s. There is very little inflation and the government is extremely stable.

About 43% of the imports into the Dominican Republic are from the United States, but you will find goods from every corner of the world.

Homes and villas for sale in Las Terrenas

When people think of purchasing a home on a Caribbean island, they imagine fantastically expensive homes that must be on the old TV show, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Instead, Las Terrenas should be featured on a new TV show, “Lifestyles of the Smart and Happy.”

It is still fairly easy to purchase a home in Las Terrenas for less than $100,000 USD. This is a lower price than almost the entire United States. These homes are usually less than twenty years old and have been designed to be comfortable in the warm breezes and soft ocean rains of the Dominican Republic. Depending on your budget, you can find villas for sales in Las Terrenas here.

Buying a house or a villa in Las Terrenas

There are no restrictions on foreigners purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic. As a non-Dominican, you can purchase a home and be protected by the same rights as a Dominican citizen.

Many of the homes that are available are simple one-story homes with 2 or three bedrooms, perfect for small families, retirees, and others.

There are several steps to buying a home in Las Terrenas:

  1. Buyer and seller will come to a verbal agreement, often through a real estate agent.
  2. In the presence of a notario, a “Contract of Sale” will be signed. This will contain all the details of the purchase of the Las Terrenas home, including the legal description, the price, and the conditions of the sale.
  3. The contract then goes to the nearest Internal Revenue Office for payment of taxes.
  4. The contract and a “Certificate of Title” of the seller are given to the Title Registry Office, where the sale is officially recorded.
  5. The Title Registry Office will issue a new Certificate of Title in the new owner’s name.

The cost of taxes and closing costs is typically about 5% of the total sale.


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